December 13, 2018

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TODAYTECH was established in June 1990 and commenced operation as a single retail outlet selling IBM compatible computer solutions to the consumer market. Today the TODAYTECH GROUP, with an annual turnover in excess of $100 million per annum, has two divisions, distribution and solutions provision, catering for 160 staff, and branches in most capital cities in Australia. Internationally, the Group also has branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing of China and in Hong Kong.TODAYTECH Distribution Pty. Ltd. is the distribution arm of the group and distributes quality computer products, peripherals and components to some 5,000 resellers around the country, across a variety of channels, including value added resellers (VARS), sub-distributors, system integrators, consultants and retail.

TODAYTECH has had Quality Endorsement to the International Standard AS/ISO9002-1994 since 1994, and Quality Assurance has also been expanded to some of our other branches.

What makes us Unique?

National Coverage

No other IT group can boast a national coverage like TODAYTECH. With branches in every capital city, TODAYTECH can ‘localise’ distribution at a customer level. We hold stock in every location, and our system allows for quick and efficient delivery of all orders.Product Range
Our relationship with ‘world class vendors’ enables us to provide HIGH QUALITY, HIGH VALUE and HIGH TECHNOLOGY products to our customers. We have a focused product strategy becoming selectively involved with only those business partners with whom we believe we can grow, and whose products we are proud to use and sell.

One of the main reasons for TODAYTECH’s growth over the past 8 years is our internal control process. We have developed an internal system which can control and monitor everything from accounts, to inventory and sales. The system is ‘real time’ so at any point, we are able to ascertain the status of stock levels, for instance, anywhere in the country.

We have some of the best managers in the industry helping us to guide the path for TODAYTECH into the future. Experience in IT, retailing, sales, marketing, and distribution is abundant amongst the directors and senior managers. As a result, the culture at TODAYTECH is intent on providing products the customers want and need, as opposed to selling what we have in the warehouse.

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